Nobody likes having sore triceps from doing their own blowout—save the arm stiffness for the gym and invest in a quality blowout from Hair She Goes. We guarantee to give you long-lasting blowouts that look like you just walked out of a shampoo ad.

In love with your new Blow Out from us at Hair She Goes? Believe it or not your blowout could last up to five days. Here’s how to make it last.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

We’re not talking about getting those 8 hours of sleep—however still vital for optimal hair health. While making your blowout last, use a scrunchie to pull your hair into a loose and low ponytail, or into two Princess-Leia style-buns. This way your hair isn’t flattening out from your pillow or getting all smashed around—nothing will destroy your blowout more than that. If you don’t have a scrunchie, tie your hair into a gentle and loose ponytail. For best results, sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase. These are much gentler on your precious locks.

Use a Shower Cap

We know—it’s not the most gorgeous look. But using a shower cap preserves your most gorgeous blowout. Tying your hair into a topknot puts a strain on your blowout, and not protecting the outer edges of your hairline will cause those hairs to get frizzy or flatten out.

Keep Your Roots Lifted

Instead of immediately reaching for dry shampoo, grab a light-hold hairspray. Dry shampoo can take away the shine in your blowout, as it leaves a dusty residue. Flip your hair upside down—gently! No head banging here. Spray hairspray and brush the roots with a paddle brush.

Several Days Since Your Blowout

Once you’re nearing the end of this blowout’s life, you can rescue you it one more time. Lightly spritz some water onto your hair and let it dry. This will add some much-needed body. Tousle your locks with some dry shampoo to get rid of any grease. At this point you may be good-to-go, but if you need to, grab a flatiron to straighten out any rough pieces. Never hold your flatiron for more than 3 seconds to prevent unwanted marks.

Go For That Beachy Vibe

By day 5 your blowout is seriously nearing its end. But don’t hop in the shower just yet! Spray your favorite sea salt spray and lightly tousle your hair. Pair your beachy hair with a boho look today or rock the simple white tee. You may not have a perfectly plump blowout, but you can pull the beachy waves off too.

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